Our WHS Documents Tab

The 'Our WHS Documents' tab is the central document storage area for all your Workplace, Health and Safety documents. It is broken into four sections, and each tab is a suitable for storing documents that relate to organisational safety matters. Also, additional tabs can be added, for a fee, on request.  Please contact to request a new tab.


Creating and updating Policy, Emergency Plan, Procedure and Guideline documents that form part of the overarching WHS Management System can only be performed by a user with the 'WHS Administrator' role.  This ensures changes to these safety documents is limited to those who have responsibility for managing the organisation's Workplace, Health and Safety management framework.  Please refer to the 'WHS Module Access and Roles' article for more information.


For a list of the available WHS documentation, please refer to the List of WHS Documentation Types article.  



Below are the four sections of the 'Our WHS Documents' tab:

1.  Lead and Plan Safety



2.  Manage Safety



 3.  Engage on Safety



4.  Audit and Measure Safety




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