Additional Assessors & Online Performance Reviews

Citation HR Software's Online Performance Review (OPR) module provides organisations with the ability to gain feedback from multiple Assessors in relation to their employee's performance and career development.

Types of Assessors

Primary Assessor - The Primary Assessor is usually the employee's Direct Manager or the person who will manage the performance review process for that employee.  

Additional Assessor (Optional- The Additional Assessor can be another Manager, Team Coordinator or peer for example who is invited into the performance review process to provide their feedback and insights based upon their dealings or working relationship with that employee.

Self-Assessment - The employee conducts their own self-assessment of their performance in relation to their assigned Key Result Areas, capabilities and professional objectives. 


How do I include an Additional Assessor in the OPR process?

1.  Only a user with "AccountAdmin" or "Online Performance Review Admin (OPR)" role can set up the Performance Review Administration functionality.  These types of users set up, manage and launch the OPR process.  This is done via the "Scheduled Performance Review (eSS)" checklist.  For more information on how to set up OPR, please refer to this article:  Your Checklist to Getting Started with OPR.

2.  At Step 6.01 in the checklist, you will be prompted to "Select Additional Assessor".  You will need to select the relevant Additional Assessor.  The Assessor must have an activated Employee Self Service (eSS) account.  If the Assessor is not an existing eSS user, the first time they are assigned as an Assessor, they will automatically receive an email asking them to register for eSS.

3.  The ability to include an Additional Assessor is optional.  This step that can be easily skipped if not relevant to your organisation or a specific employee.

4.  If your organisation needs to include more than 2 Assessors, please contact Citation HR's Client Support team to have this configured into your account.

What is the Additional Assessor's role in the OPR process?


Complete OPR Assessment - The Additional Assessor will be prompted to complete an initial review of the employee’s performance via eSS based upon the KRAs and capabilities assigned to the employee. 

"Performance Review Summary" - The Additional Assessor will not receive a copy of the "Performance Review Summary" report.  Only the Employee and the Primary Assessor will receive a copy.  The name and feedback provided by the Additional Assessor will however be displayed in the report.  The Primary Assessor can share the report with the Additional Assessor if it is appropriate and has been authorised by HR or the relevant department/position.

Face-to-face OPR Meeting - If appropriate, the Additional Assessor can also be invited to participate in the face-to-face meeting to discuss the employee's performance.  


Final Ratings & Outcomes -  The Additional Assessor is not involved in the final stages of the OPR process which prompts the Primary Assessor to input the final ratings and outcomes.