Citation HR Software's Approval Functionality for HR Processes

Overview of Functionality

Our approval functionality is perhaps one of Citation HR Software's most celebrated features.  It empowers organisations to include approval steps within important HR processes (ie checklists) such as our standard "Approval to Recruit Checklist" and other client-specific customised approval checklists such as requests to review draft employment contracts and requests to review changes in an employee's role for example.

Users who are required to review and approve certain HR matters will need to be assigned the role titled "Approver Position" or any other client-specific equivalent role.  This role will ensure that the user is identified as an "Approver" and is prompted via email to review and approve items as per the following process.


The Approval Process

1.  The approval process is triggered when a User initiates the Approval to Recruit checklist (or equivalent for client-specific customised approval checklists) which them prompts the user to create the Position record they would like to be approved.

Once the Position is created, the Approval to Recruit checklist opens up for the User to complete the steps.

Once the User selects the Approver/s, the Approver will be sent an email providing an overview of what needs to be reviewed.  The Approver will be prompted to approve the requested change/position by clicking on the "Commence Approval" button.  The Approver can also use the "Reply" button if more information is required.




3.  NEW STEP IN THE APPROVAL PROCESS (As at 11 June 2018)After clicking the "Commence Approval" button, a separate window will open which will then prompt the Approver to formally approve the request by clicking on the "Complete Approval" button.  By clicking on this button, the approval process for this Approver will be formally completed.  

The benefit to having the approval formally processed in a window separate to the email is that it will ensure that any third party anti-spam/phishing software doesn’t click on links in its safety review process and inadvertently approve requests without the required human intervention.






4.  If an organisation has multiple levels of approval, the completion of this approval step will trigger the next level of approval which will operate according to the same process as detailed above.


If you require any assistance, please contact Client Experience.