Applicant and WHS Portal Enhancement

The Applicant Portal and WHS Portal have been enhanced to allow admin users to present a more simplified version of the branch’s location or departmental hierarchy, as this can be more meaningful to candidates and employees.

By default, the branch that is displayed in these portals is inherited from Citation HR Software.  Prior to this enhancement, the name of branch listed in the portals displayed the branch's pathway which looked something like this: "Parent Company Name Pty Ltd/Trading Name/State/Location/Department".  

This enhancement now makes it possible to simplify and customise the name of each branch for the benefit of candidates and employees.



The Process

Step 1: 
Go to "Settings" and then select "Account Settings".


Step 2: 
Select the "Branches" tab.


Step 3: 
Select the dedicated "Branch Namefor the Applicant Portal.


Step 4: 
Click on the "Edit" button to update the Applicant Portal and WHS Portal branch names.  You will be prompted to enter the desired name of the team/department/location that you wish to be displayed in the Applicant and WHS Portals.  You will also need to tick the "Show in Applicant Portal" checkbox.

This will make it easier for users to select the relevant branch when submitting information and documentation through these portals.  It will automatically be assigned to the selected branch.


Need to set up your applicant portal?

For more on how to set up your Applicant Portal, please refer to the following article:  Overview of the Applicant Portal.

For more information, please contact the Citation HR's Client Experience team.