Citation HR Software - Your Account Set-Up Project

Our market-leading HRIS software, Citation HR Software, is a key component of Citation HR.  It is user-friendly software that provides your business with compliant and up-to-date employment documentation as well as best-practice guidance on all employment law matters that may arise throughout all stages of the employee-lifecycle.

Some of our clients wish to set-up their own account by working through our getting started guide at their own pace. 

Whereas, other clients may prefer for our Client Experience team to provide personalised guidance on how to complete the account set-up phase and undertake most of the heavy-lifting on behalf of the client.  If you have paid for Client Experience to work with you during the account set up process, please find a list below of what's generally in scope for the project.  Work on the project generally commences after the audit process has been completed.

IN-SCOPE (6 Hours)

Stage 1 - Capability Demonstration of Citation HR Software

Client Experience conduct weekly capability demonstrations of Citation HR Software's modules, features and capabilities.  They are conducted on Tuesdays at 12:00pm AEST.  You and other relevant members of your team can register here.

The demonstration is designed to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the project have a comprehensive and deep understanding of exactly how Citation HR Software can used to benefit your organisation. 

Stage 2 - Branch Setup

Client Experience will assist you with setting up your account's branch structure.

Citation HR Software utilises a structure that is made up of branches to help you segregate and organise various types of employment records according to the branch each record is assigned to.  You will need to identify the branch structure that best reflects your organisational structure. For example, branches can be set up to reflect your regional structure, cost centre structure and/or even job types.

By way of example, if your business has a site/office in New South Wales, Victoria and Auckland, it is recommended that your Citation HR Software account is set up with a branch for each location to reflect your business' state presence.


Stage 3 - Company Branding

Client Experience will assist you with setting up your company branding across your account.

Citation HR Software allows for you to set up the system with your company logos, letterheads and email signatures.  This means that whenever you create a document through the completion of Citation HR Software's checklists, the documents will be automatically generated with the relevant company branding.

Stage 4 - Worker File Setup

Worker Records (Employees / Contractors / Volunteers)

Client Experience will assist you with importing your worker records into Citation HR Software.  You will need to ensure that each record has a unique ID number for automation purposes and will also need to assign the record to the branch that is relevant to them.  

You will work with Client Experience to identify the best import process depending upon which payroll provider you use:

Xero Guide

Meridian Guide

Wage Easy Guide

MYOB Guide

Excel Guide

SEEK Guide

Worker History (Employees / Contractors / Volunteers)

It is important to ensure that each of your employee, contractor and volunteer records are complete with up-to-date information and documentation on the employment history to ensure that manager/s are appropriately informed on all HR matters when managing staff throughout the employment life-cycle.

Client Experience will guide you through how you can import your historical worker documentation into Citation HR Software.  Client Experience will provide the training so that you can then manage the bulk import in your own time.  It is our recommendation that you do this in phases, focusing on key documents first such as signed contracts, current visas and required qualification certificates for example.

Overview: Uploading documents in bulk - What are the Methods?

How can I manually upload employment documentation?

Stage 5 - User Set-Up

Client Experience will work with you to identify the manager/s within your business who should have access to and be able to control the management of Citation HR Software.  Client Experience will guide you through the new user creation process for up to 5 users.

There are different ways of controlling the level of access for each User through the assignment of roles, branch access settings, blacklisting and document control settings. The 'Account Admin' will have the necessary permissions to set-up each User according to the business' needs.  

How can I create a new User and authorise levels of access




The following modules are out-of-scope for the project.  But not to worry, you can easily set up these items yourself by working through the following guides.

If you'd like Client Experience to complete these tasks on your behalf, you can request a quote. 

HR Self Service Portal

With Citation HR Software’s HR Self Service (eSS) module, you can put the power back in the hands of your people (literally).  Staff can log into their own company branded Self Service account from their desktop computer or on the move from their mobile devices. 

Self Service features include: Paperless on-boarding and induction; Electronically sign employment contracts; Acknowledge important policies and notifications; Track training and qualification requirements; Track safety hazards and incidents; Plus much more.

- Here's How to Get Started with eSS

Training & Qualification Module

Citation HR Software's Training & Qualification Module can be used to proactively analyse, plan, track and manage training and qualification obligations.  Your staff can create, manage and update their own competencies, training and qualifications through their HR eSS portal. 

- Here's How to Get Started with the Training & Qualification Module

Online Performance Review Module

Citation HR Software's Online Performance Review Module can be used to facilitate scheduled or ad-hoc performance reviews with your employees and contractors.  OPR is powered by eSS making it the perfect tool to ensure effective employee participation.  

- Here's How to Get Started with the Online Performance Review Module

Recruitment & Candidate Management Tools

Citation HR Software can help your business improve its recruitment process through the use of the Applicant Portal and Seek integration.  Together, these tools can be used to streamline the collection of job applications, speed up the recruitment process and cut down on administrative tasks.

-  Here's How to Get Started with the Applicant Portal

- Here's How to Get Started with Seek Integration

Building Your Own Contracts, Policies & Forms into Citation HR Software

Citation HR Software can be customised and configured to strategically align with your own unique business processes.  A configured account provides an even greater return on investment as your business will reap the rewards from a purpose-built tool specific to your industry and unique organisational objectives. 

Please see the below list of items that other clients generally configure on a regular basis:

  • Templates (Contracts, Letters, Policies, Guides and/or other documents)
  • Checklists and Menu Items
  • Tabs
  • Custom Fields
  • Note Categories and Topics
  • Security Roles

For more information, please review this article:  Overview of Citation HR Software Configuration.

For more information, please contact the Client Experience Team.