HRA Cloud Product Roadmap: What's coming in the upcoming months

The team at HR Assured have been busy building some fantastic new functionality for HRA Cloud which we plan to roll out between now and the early months of 2019.  Please find a high-level summary below however please keep an eye out for more detailed communications to come:

An Open API (anticipate before Christmas)

We are excited to soon be delivering HRA Cloud's new Open API.

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows different software applications to integrate so that they can seamlessly share data.

In early December 2018, HRA Cloud will be launching the first stage of our API which will allow an employee’s record data to be shared and synchronized to other systems. Most businesses rely on multiple different systems to support their operations, the API allows these systems to talk to one another.

Over subsequent releases, moving into 2019, we’ll expand on the breadth and depth of the information available within the API.   

Xero Connector (anticipate early New Year) 

We’ll soon be releasing a Xero integration connector. With minimal setup, your employee’s record information in HRA Cloud can be automatically synced with your Xero account. Employees will be able to self-manage aspects of their personal record through HRA Cloud's Self-Service (ESS) portal and Xero will be automatically updated.

This integration will ensure your data remains synced and allow HRA Cloud and Xero to seamlessly support your business’ operations.

Single Sign On (anticipate early New Year)

Single Sign On (SSO) permits users to access multiple software systems with a single authentication (log in). Single Sign On provides the ability to effortlessly navigate between HRA Cloud and your other favourite software systems with a single log in.

Single Sign On greatly increases productivity while keeping your data secure.

Two Factor Authentication (anticipate early New Year)

Two-factor Authentication(2FA) is an additional security layer which enhances data protection.

Two factor authentication supplements the username and password model. If desired, when you log on the 2FA will generate a unique code and send it to your mobile device. You’ll need your password (something you know) and the code sent to your phone (something you have), before you’ll be granted access. This means that even if your password is stolen, access to your data is still protected.

Got any other ideas or suggestions for HRA Cloud?

At HR Assured, we are really interested in suggestions about how you think we can improve the product. We'd love to hear from you so please contact our Client Experience team at or call us on (02) 9083 0083 for Australia and +64 2 9083 0083 for New Zealand.

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