Alert 14.11.18: Citation HR Software is moving its hosting

As you may have seen in our recent Spring Newsletter, in December 2018 Citation HR will be moving its primary hosting infrastructure for Citation HR Software to Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Why are you doing this?
There are several improvements that have led us to this decision:

  • Enhanced Security - We’ve always been serious about protecting your data and your security. AWS and the tools we use to manage our infrastructure let us take that commitment to the next level, with improved control, visibility and auditing of changes made within the infrastructure;
  • Better Scalability - AWS provides us with more flexibility in how we monitor and scale our applications and infrastructure to meet the needs and expectations of our customers;
  • Improved Flexibility - Public cloud providers such as AWS offer a range of technical capabilities which we can use to improve Citation HR Software's capabilities, both in terms of delivering new features to our users, as well as keeping everything running smoothly under the hood;
  • Infrastructure Certification – AWS is certified under the ASD Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL) for unclassified data.  This means that our hosting infrastructure meets global industry standards necessary for clients who operate in highly regulated industries.

Is my data still safe?
Absolutely. We will be ensuring that we maintain the same levels of redundancy and backups (multiple copies of all data, in multiple locations and with multiple providers) that we have today.
That data will remain within Australian data centres and will be encrypted at rest and during transit into, within and out of our environment.

What do I need to do?
Nothing. The migration process will be transparent to our users.
During the migration process our applications will be offline for a short period while we migrate the final data changes between environments. Once that is done, access to Citation HR Software through your browser should continue without interruption.

When will this happen?
We will perform this migration on Saturday the 8th of December between 5:00am and midday (AEST), with monitoring and verification across Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th of December to be ready in advance for our peak usage during business hours.

Where can I find out more?
We have updated our Security & Privacy Overview documents to provide both technical and non-technical explanations of the controls we have in place to protect your data, and have also updated our Privacy Policy. These documents can be downloaded below.
For further information, please contact Citation HR's Client Experience on 02 9083 0083 for Australia and +64 2 9083 0083 for New Zealand or email us at