Update a Username

When changing usernames, it is important to note that usernames are unique and are never removed from the system. This helps us to maintain an audit trail and will mean that you cannot use the same username for multiple user profiles. For users who use a generic email address as a username, the email address will not be able to be reused as a username for multiple user/employee profiles. 


If a user profile is deleted, the attached username at the point of deletion will be blocked from further use. If you are deleting a user and you want to reuse the username, you can modify it slightly before deleting it.


Only users with the AccountAdmin role can update usernames.

Below are the steps on how to update a username:

1. Navigate to Settings.

2. Click Usernames and Passwords.

3. From the Users tab, select the name of the user you need to update the username. If it is an eSS User, click eSS Users tab instead.

4. From the Details tab, click Edit.

5. Update the username as required, ensuring it is a new unique username. 

6. Click Update to save changes.