Branding - Upload Logo and Letterhead (At the Branch Level)

If your organisation uses the same logo and letterhead across the entire orgnaisation, follow the 'Upload your Logo and Letterhead (Account Level)' article. 

If you have created a branch within your account that uses a different logo and/or letterhead, you can update the branding at the branch level. This can be done for multiple branches within your account. This will ensure that documents created within Citation HR Software use the relevant letterhead for each document. 


1. Navigate to "Settings" on the top right hand corner.

2. Click “Account Settings". 

3. Click "Branches".

4.  Select the branch you'd like to upload a letterhead/logo.


5. After selecting the branch, click "Branding" and then the "Edit" button.


6. Click ''Select File'' to select your preferred branch logo, and letterhead. 

For best results:

  • Use a logo no larger than 400px wide by 400px tall. Larger sizes are accepted, but take longer to load.
  • Upload your logo in PNG format, as this provides the highest quality.
  • Your logo will display on on the right hand side of the application.


Note: Letterhead must be uploaded as a PDF. You may need to amend the margin spacing, depending on the design of your company letterhead. Also, ''Print letterhead on every page'' field can be ticked if need be. Please click the information bubble for more information about this field.


7. There are also additional fields for additional fields for "Margins - Pages with Letterhead" and "Margins - Pages without Letterhead". Below shows the default margin values in the Citation HR Software system. Please adjust as needed.


6. Finally, click ''Update'' to save your changes.