Upload competencies to your competency library (without employee data)

To create or add to your competency library, you can use an importer to assist you with uploading multiple competencies to your Citation HR Software Account at once. 

There are two importers you can choose from:

  1. Upload competency details
  2. Upload competency details and employee data at the same time

You can also create competencies individually within Citation HR Software - Creating Training / Competency Items on your Account


Only users with either the "AccountAdmin" or "Training Management" role can import competencies into Citation HR Software. Depending on which role you have, there are different ways to access the import page for competencies:

Users with "AccountAdmin" role

  1. Navigate to "Actions" tab.
  2. Click "Integrations".
  3. Click the third icon - "Import information from an Excel spreadsheet".
  4. Next, select "Import competency".



Users with "AccountAdmin" role or "Training Management" role

  1. Navigate to "Settings" tab.
  2. Click "Training Management".
  3. Click "Tools".
  4. Click "Import".



Once you have navigated to the Import Competency page using the instructions for your Access Role, complete the steps below to import your organisation's competencies into Citation HR Software:

1. Navigate to the import page (please see the above table).

2. From the right hand side, click and download "Example Competency Spreadsheet.xlsx".

3. Prepare and complete the downloaded spreadsheet.

4. Click "Select file" and select the completed spreadsheet from your computer.

5. Click "Upload".

6. Once the spreadsheet has passed automatic checks, click "Proceed to Import".