Documents - Search Filters under document tabs

Citation HR Software's document storage tabs have search filters to assist organisations in managing their company documents through the use of document branch restrictions. These filters are available in all document storage tabs which are located at the account level (for example, "Policies" tab and "General Documents" tab).  

With these filters, a user can choose whether: (1) they want to see all documents at the same time under the relevant tab; or (2) they only want to see documents that are restricted to a certain branch they have access to. 

NOTE:  These filters do not apply to the Documents tab available under worker records (i.e. Employee record, Contractor record and Volunteer record).


What filters are available?

There are two filters available for users to select:

  • "this branch only" - a user would select this checkbox to see only the documents that are assigned to the branch the user is currently in;

  • "and its sub-branches" - a user would select this checkbox if they wish to see ALL documents that are assigned to the branches the user has access to.

If both filters are selected, the users will see all documents they are permitted to see and stored in the tab.  They will see the documents that have been assigned to the branch they have access to.  They will also see the documents that do not have any branch restrictions.

Once you have selected the filters you need, click the "Search" button.

What is the default view?

Whenever a user clicks on any document tab, "this branch only" and "and its sub-branches" are automatically selected by default. Below is an example - "Policies" tab being selected:



Exploring the filter options

The user on the example above is currently looking at the root branch (which is the parent branch of the branch list).

1.  If both filter options are selected,  the user will be able to view all documents stored in the tab for the said root branch and all of its sub branches (Branch 1 & Branch 2) as shown from the above screenshot.

2.  From the first view, if we deselect "and its sub-branches" filter and click "Search" again, it will only show documents that should be visible to the root branch only. Please see below:


3.  If "this branch only" was also deselected, the document listing returns to the standard rules whereby all documents (regardless of branch) is shown. This is because the user has chosen to view all documents when they deselected "this branch only" filter. Please see below:



4.  Finally, if only the "and its sub-branches" filter is selected, the user will continue to see all documents in all branches (because "this branch only" filter remains deselected). Please see below:

Who sets up the document branch restrictions?

Document branch restrictions are usually managed by your organisation's HR team.  Please review this article which details how to apply branch restrictions to documents.