Documents - How to restrict by Branch

Citation HR Software acts a central repository for all company documents which include workplace policies, general forms, company guidelines and HR documentation for example.  These types of documents are intended for staff to access and review as needed.

These documents can be stored at an account level under the "Policies" tab or "General Documents" tabs within the "Employee Management" module, "Contractor Engagement" module and "Volunteer Management" module. 

When uploading documents into these tabs (usually done by HR or Administrator Users), there are the following access permissions available:

  1. No branch restriction applied = The document can be viewed and accessed in ALL branches;

  2. Branch restrictions applied = The document can only be viewed by staff that have access to that specific branch.

See below for more information.

How to set branch restrictions for documents?

There is a layer of restrictions to limit the allowed branches for your documents.

Whether a user is manually uploading a new document or updating an existing document in Citation HR Software, there is a setting called "Allowed Branches" which allows a user to select certain branch(es) for documents to be visible in: 


By default, if there is no branch restriction set for a document, it is expected that the document will be visible across all branches.

On the other hand, if a document is meant to be restricted to certain branch(es) only, a user must click "Selected branch(es)" from the "Allowed Branches" drop-down menu (screenshot above), and select the specific branches(es) as needed (screenshot below):



Once branch restrictions are set, how can users search and filter company documents?

Core Citation HR Software:  Users have the ability to search and filter documents based upon what branches they are permitted to see and based upon any document branch restrictions applied (if any).  Please see this article which explains the search and filter functionality.


Impact on eSS Users: eSS users' access to documents in Self Service may also be affected if a branch restriction is applied to documents. As an example, let's say 'Employee A' is from 'branch ABC'. If 'Employee A' navigates to the "My organisation" tab and then the "Policies" tab in their eSS portal, the user can only view the policies restricted to the branch the user has access to (as well as other documents that does not have branch restriction).