How to assign Current and Future Objectives within the Online Performance Review (OPR) Process

Setting appropriate goals and objectives for employees is beneficial for both the employee and the company itself. They not only help the employee to stay on track, but also motivate them to increase their performance by inducing stronger focus and clarity on the future of their role within the organisation.

In Citation HR Software, we have the functionality that allows both the manager and the employee to set various types of objectives for the employee’s development plan. These objectives can be tracked individually against the employee record and included in the Online Performance Review process. Creating 'Current' or 'Future' objectives within the Online Performance Review (OPR) process and the OPR Summary Report document itself can be achieved by observing the following setup notes:


Example of 'Performance Period' compared to 'Assessment Review Period'
The '
Performance Period' is between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 and the 'Assessment Period' is between 2 July 2019 and 31 August 2019.




  • Current Objectives are any objectives that are either current during the current 'Performance Period' or have been entered into Citation HR Software during the current 'Performance Period'.  They can be added (using different processes via core Citation HR Software and/or eSS depending on the type of user) by the Assessor and/or Assessee and include 'Strategic', 'Operational' and 'Personal' Objectives. Objectives that have been 'Completed' before the 'Performance Period' start date or are still 'Pending' will be included here:



  • Future Objectives are any objectives entered into Citation HR Software with a created date or commencement date after the start of the 'Assessment Review Period'. Future Objectives are usually discussed and defined during the 'Assessment Review Period' for the 'Performance Period' ahead. The objectives can be 'Strategic', 'Operational' or 'Personal' objectives and can be of either 'Pending' or 'Complete' status.



Once the OPR process is complete, the 'current' and 'future' objectives will be included in the OPR Summary Report document.



  • 'Performance Period' is the period of time during which 'Objectives' and 'Key Result Areas' (KRAs) are being assessed;

  • 'Assessment Review Periodis the period of time during which 'Objectives' and 'Key Result Areas' (KRAs) of the current 'Performance Period' are being reviewed. New objectives for the future performance period are often also defined during this time period.


You may also refer to our knowledge base article regarding How to Submit and Manage Objectives for additional information.