Introduction Part 2: What employee information can be updated and created with the HRA Cloud-Xero 2-Way Connector? (Australia Only)

The primary goal of the HRA Cloud-Xero Connector is to avoid duplication of data entry tasks when creating and updating employees in HRA Cloud and Xero.

With the rollout of the HRA Cloud-Xero Connector, there is added ability to update a larger range of employee information both from HRA Cloud to Xero and Xero to HRA Cloud.

Below is a list of employee information that is shared between Xero and HRA Cloud.  Either system is able to update this information. 




  1. For the “Termination Date” to be imported into HRA Cloud, it is important that the Xero record is “saved” after setting the “Termination Date”.  Please refer to this article for more information:  How do I manage termination dates with the HRA Cloud-Xero 2-Way Connector?
  2. If you want to match EnableHR branches with Xero Employee Group Names, you need to configure them before running the integration (importing or exporting) for the first time. Please refer to this article for more information:  How can I import employees from Xero?
  3. If the employee record becomes a status other than "Current" in HRA Cloud, they are no longer synced to Xero. They will remain in Xero as "Active" but will no longer be updated by HRA Cloud.
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