Introduction Part 3: What payroll information can be updated and created with the Citation HR Software-Xero 2-way Connector? (Australia Only)

The Citation HR Software-Xero Connector focuses on the payroll part of Xero and allows for the synchronisation of the following types of information:

  • Employee record
  • Bank accounts;
  • Superannuation memberships;
  • Tax details; and
  • Leave balances.

Please see the below figures to determine what can be updated and from which system.


How many bank accounts are supported?

Citation HR Software supports up to 4 bank accounts under any one employee record. Updates to these details can be made on either Citation HR Software or Xero.


What kind of superannuation memberships are supported?

Citation HR Software supports industry or commercial super funds.  Citation HR Software does not however support Self-Managed Super Funds. Updates to these details can be made on either Citation HR Software or Xero.


 How are tax details stored in the systems?

The Tax File Number is always exported from Xero into Citation HR Software in a masked format – for example, ###-###-123. This a Xero restriction. Updates to the Tax File Number can be made through Citation HR Software’s Employee Self Service (eSS) portal.


   Note: The Employment basis is tax related, not Employment related


How are leave balances managed?

Leaves balances are managed in Xero and are therefore are seen in Citation HR Software and eSS in ‘Read Only’ format. The leave balance types that are viewable in Citation HR Software include Annual Leave, Personal Leave and Long Service Leave.

Where will the data be stored?

Citation HR Software




eSS View





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