Is It OK To Share a User Login?

Citation HR Software recommend using unique logins for each administration user.

The system won't stop you from allowing multiple people to use the same login details, you will lose the audit accuracy in user access and activity reporting.

e.g. You may use the login for everyday use, and another person can use the login to scan and upload documents to the system when you're not using it. However, if two people login with the same username at the same time, the first person may be logged out immediately. (The is a restriction on the number of simultaneous logins).

Although the system also allows multiple users to use the same login details, there are benefits in setting up multiple users:

  • restrict which users can perform certain functions or access certain information in the system via the roles/permissions.
  • track/audit who exactly did what via login history and record update information.
  • better control over security (giving the same login details to multiple staff increases security risks).

If you have the available quota to add another user, please see the instructions on how to add a user: