Launching HR Assured to Managers

Getting your company’s leaders and managers enthusiastic about using HR Assured can be as simple as getting them to realise how much easier their management responsibilities will be using HR Assured services and product.

Once you have got your HRA Cloud setup, you will want to launch to your Managers before you launch to your employees. We have a number of resources to assist you with launching HR Assured to your managers and getting them trained on how to use HRA Cloud. 

We have two live and on-demand training sessions aimed at managers. Have a look at sessions 1 and 4 in our 4 part series of Learn how to use HRA Cloud - Setup and training sessions.

Session 1 - Your introduction to what HRA Cloud can do for you

HRA Cloud is an essential tool in protecting your business from inadvertent failure to comply with employment laws. Let’s familiarise you with the product so we can ensure you are empowered to reap its rewards.

What we’ll show you will help you get the most from HRA Cloud's modules, features and functionalities, so you can also optimise the system to your HR needs and maximise HRA Cloud to its full potential.

Who should watch: Account Administrators, Managers, HR function, payroll function and business owners. New clients and new team members will really benefit from this session. 

Session 4 - How HRA Cloud empowers managers

HRA Cloud will make managing your people a lot less complicated and a whole lot easier when it comes to routine HR administration, record-keeping and compliance. 

Topics include:

  • Navigating around HRA Cloud
  • Managing employees
  • Communicate with employees via email and Employee Self Service (eSS)
  • Workflows – checklists (Pre-Employment, Induction and Termination)
  • Utilising HRA Cloud's employment law templates
  • Employee professional development
  • eSS – How it works for an employee

Who should watch: Account Administrators and/or Managers

See further details for the training sessions here


To help you train your leaders and managers on how to access the Telephone Advisory Service (TAS) and how to use HRA Cloud, send them to this article Empowering Managers with HRA Cloud. It includes all the content included in the live training sessions and on-demand videos. 


You can also provide a downloadable document, however please note that the live Knowledge Base articles will always contain the most up-to-date information. 


TIP: Do not provide this guide to leaders and managers until your HRA Cloud account has been set up and you are ready for them to start accessing HRA Cloud.