Launching Citation HR: email 1 - warm up email to leaders and managers

Description: This email template is intended to be circulated to leaders and managers. It explains the benefits of the Advice Line and core Citation HR Software (Management portal) only. 

Instructions for administrators are highlighted in red text and will need to be edited or removed.


Email 1 - Warm up email to leaders and managers

Hello [First name]

Introducing you to Citation HR!

If you weren’t already aware, we will be launching our new partnership with HR service, Citation HR, in [insert time frame].

We’ve chosen to partner with Citation HR because the partnership will make managing our people simpler and easier when it comes to routine HR administration, record-keeping and compliance. The Citation HR service also comes with a cloud-based HR management platform – Citation HR Software – that contains many useful tools and resources.

Ahead of the launch, we wanted to let you know some important information and how the new arrangement might impact you.


When we launch

When we launch Citation HR, we'll have access to:

  • A 24/7 Advice Line, staffed by experienced lawyers and HR professionals, to answer questions, give advice and guide us through tricky HR problems;

  • Citation HR Software – a powerful cloud-based HR management platform that uses automation, workflows and checklists to guide us through smart, legally compliant HR processes. We can also communicate with employees and set them tasks. Citation HR Software will store all our employee records, automate a lot of tasks, and has sharing features that let managers (and employees) easily access, deliver and receive documents and files. It’ll save us time, make managing our employees easier, and let us get on with running and growing the business knowing that we’re following best-practice HR processes;

  • A library of resources (located inside Citation HR Software) that include employment law checklists, workflows, letter templates, guides and fact sheets. These include step-by-step guides on how to handle a range of situations using best-practice and legally compliant processes, including things such as: workplace health & safety; counselling for and managing performance, discipline and warnings; and handling employee resignations or absence.

When we launch

We will be launching Citation HR [insert timeframe] and we wanted to let you know ahead of time how this new service might impact you.

  • It’ll make HR simple. With Citation HR, you won’t need to be an HR expert. You can seek advice and support via the Advice Line in relation your day-to-day employee management responsibilities and obligations.
  • Makes record-keeping easy and compliant. Citation HR Software will give you the tools you need to manage all stages of an employee’s lifecycle – from onboarding to performance issues and everything in between. All you need to do is ensure all the HR data for your people is kept current and in the system.
  • It automates HR processes and reduces the time spent on admin. Citation HR Software will guide you through smart, legally compliant HR processes with its document templates, checklists and guides. You can also use Citation HR Software to help you communicate with your employees and set tasks relating to your employees’ personal admin and development. The platform will store all your employee records and has features that lets you, and your employees, easily access, deliver and receive documents and files. When time-consuming HR admin tasks become simple, you will have more time to work on the things that matter to the business and your team.
  • It can track key dates. You can keep on top of things like employee work anniversaries and birthdays, probationary periods, expired documents, licenses and certificates – and more – by using the Alerts feature in Citation HR Software.

  • Citation HR Software is cloud-based and you can log in to the platform anywhere, from any internet connected device. 

What training will you receive?

[Explain how you will roll out training – who will get it, when, and what it will consist of, e.g. workshop, online, etc.]

Who can you turn to for help?

Our official Citation HR champions will be [insert names] – they will be able to assist you with any questions you have about Citation HR.

How do I access the software, Citation HR Software?

A username, password and link will be sent to you shortly. Included will be some instructions on how to use these – please follow the instructions to access the platform.

That’s all for now. There will be more information coming soon.

Kind regards,
[insert name and title]