Launching Citation HR: email 4 - Core Citation HR Software log in details and TAS contact details for leaders and managers

Description: This communication is intended to be circulated to leaders and managers. It sets out next steps regarding core Citation HR Software (management portal) only and provides log in details.


Do not send this communication until the tasks listed below have been set up in Core Citation HR Software (see the Citation HR's Onboarding & Account Set Up Guide for more information).


Instructions for administrators are highlighted in red text and will need to be edited or removed.


Email 4: Core Citation HR Software log in email to Leaders and managers

Hello [First name]

We’re excited to announce that Citation HR Software is now LIVE!

It’s now your turn to act. Make sure you do the following before [insert date]:

  1. Login using the instructions and details below;

  2. Check to make sure that you can access all of the employees that report to you;

  3. Familiarise yourself with the tabs contained within an employee record – as a manager, you will be required to keep the record up to date for your employees;

  4. [insert additional tasks, if any]

Your log in details

Log in here:

Username: [insert]

Password: [insert]

TIP: Please note that passwords are case sensitive. Make sure no spaces are before the first characters and after the last characters of your username and password.

ACTION: Please download your Managers' Jumpstart Guide for instructions on how to start using the management portal and start managing your staff.


Need HR advice and support when managing your employees?

Remember that you can contact the Advice Line if you need any advice and support in relation to your day-to-day people management responsibilities. This service is powerful when used together with Citation HR Software; together they will give you peace of mind knowing you’re legally compliant, your people are being looked after, and your information is secure in the cloud.

All you need to do is call 02 9083 0000 if you’re in Australia or 09 303 1778 if you’re in New Zealand. You’ll be asked for the name of the business from which you’re calling, together with your name.


Got a question?

Get in touch with our champions [insert names].

Kind regards,
[insert name and title]