9.17 Citation HR Software Tactical Release (28 March 2021)


eSS User is unable to reset password via the Self-Service Portal

Background (ENAB-3714)

eSS have the ability to change their own passwords when logged into the self service portal. We noticed that when an eSS user tries to change the password in the Self-Servcie portal, the system fails to complete the process (password is not changed). 


We updated to code for how these eSS password change requests are managed in eSS, this has resolved the error.


Record export CSV error

Background (ENAB-3719)

The record CSV export report can be run to extract the values entered into configured fields of a record. When the custom fields were >100, each custom field adds 64 characters to the URL. This resulted in an error message 'Page not found' and no report was produced.



The fix was to change the way in which we process these report requests on our front end so that the browsers would be able to handle the request.

Now no matter the amount of custom fields in the report, it will generate without causing a browser issue.

Seek Integration Import Error Message

Background (ENAB-3664)

SEEK integration can import applicants from seek job ads to Citation HR Software as a new candidate.

SEEK changed the way in which it setup the integration user access without updating its integration partners. This meant that all new client’s SEEK integrations would not import candidates as expected.



After working closely with the SEEK API support team, we were able to identify a fix. The fix was to adjust the way in which our Seek integration configuration was setup to allow for these changes in back-end credentials coming from SEEK.

Now clients will be able to import records as expected from their SEEK job ads.


Note: For more information on the SEEK integration feature, please see this article - How to use the SEEK Integration 




Allow control of who can view the employee payroll tab (XERO connected accounts)

Background (FEAT-850)

We received feedback from clients who have the payroll management software, Xero, setup that they would like greater flexibility in providing or not providing their standard managers access to the payroll information under an employee/candidate record.



We understood that this would provide value to our clients who are connected to Xero and so we built in the ability for Account Admins control whether their manager users will be provided access to the payroll tab.

By default, only users with 'Account Admin' user access roles will have access to the payroll tab within the employee record.

Any user with Employee Management will not be able to see this payroll tab, unless they are provided one of the following user access roles by the Account Admin user:

  • Payroll Tab

  • Payroll Tab (Leave Only)

Payroll Tab:

This Payroll Tab access role provides the user is with the ability to see the Payroll tab and all sub-tabs (bank, leave, super and tax).


Payroll Tab (Leave Only):

As the name suggests, the Payroll Tab (Leave Only) user will be provided with the ability to only view the Leave on the employee record. The other tabs will not display for them.


Please note: To see this payroll field you would need to have connected your Xero account to your Citation HR Software account already. See this article to see how to connect: How do I authorise the Xero & Citation HR Software relationship 


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