Data fields in Branch Bulk Import Spreadsheet


Setting up your account's branch structure is one of the first steps you need to take when setting up your Citation HR Software account.

For background, branches are how Citation HR Software separates and organises employee records. Put simply, branches are set up in Citation HR Software to mirror your organisation’s structure. Branches are central to your Citation HR Software account because they structure the relationship between your managers, your employees and the HR documentation you upload or generate from our legally compliant templates.

Employees are attached to branches.  When a new employee is created, uploaded or imported, you attach them to a primary branch. You can later link them to additional branches if you need to.

Users (i.e. Managers) are given access to one or more branches. They can then see and manage all the employees attached to these branches.

Creating Branches

You can manually create branches one by one or we can upload them in bulk via the Excel importer for you.

If you wish for us to create your branches in bulk, please download the below 'Branch Bulk Import Spreadsheet' from the bottom of this article.  You will then need to populate the spreadsheet with as much detail as possible.

Before you commence, there are a few things to note:

  • Branches can be set up to reflect your regional structure, cost center structure and/or even job types;
  • A branch can have an unlimited number of sub-branches;
  • Sub-branches can be linked to one and only one parent branch;
  • Once you have finished creating your branches, you can then create your employee records.

Once the spreadsheet is complete, please send to Client Success at


Description & Recommendations

Citation HR Software / enableHR ID

(Optional) This will be only relevant if you already have branches in your account and you want to update the content of the branch information.

If you are creating branches for the first time, leave this column blank (do not delete).


Important to use if you are trying to add branches and sub-branches under a parent branch. Without this path, all branches will be added at the highest level. 

A typical branch path may look like this:

/"Parent Branch Group Name"/"Sub-parent Branch Group Name"/"Sub-sub-parent Branch Group Name"/etc...

e.g. /Your Organisation Pty Ltd/Australia/Brisbane Office

TIP: If your branch hierarchy did not update after your first import, you may need to import the same document a second time to see the branches sorting under your intended order. 

Integration Key
(also referred to as 'Branch Key')
The branch API key acts as a unique identifier to help the application designate and identify a branch. It can be any combination of numbers and letters. This branch API key is vital for importing employees and API integrations. If a branch doesn’t have an API Key, then it will not be possible to import employees into it.

Legal Name Free text field
Trading Name Free text field
Group Name

Free Text Field - You can group branches by region, departments and/or job types. In this column, you will need to identify which group the branch belongs to.

You will also need to add the group name to the Path field column. For example, if you name the branch 'HR Department', this would need to be also added to the branch path, /Your Organisation/HR Department.

If you are unsure, leave the column blank.

ABN Free text field

Populate the spreadsheet with the following available options (please use the specific wording below):

  • Legal Entity
  • Department


'Legal entity' branches are used when the name of the branch needs to appear on documents generated by the system, such as a contract or a letter for instance.

'Department / group' branches sit below a legal entity and are used to reflect the organisation’s structure. Typically, they represent locations or departments/teams. For instance, "Operations", "Sales", "New South Wales" or "Auckland" would operate under the parent legal entity / company.

Address 1 Free text field
Address 2 Free text field
Suburb Free text field
State / Town / City

For Australian accounts, populate the spreadsheet with the following available options (please use the specific wording below):

  • QLD
  • NSW
  • VIC
  • ACT
  • TAS
  • SA
  • WA
  • NT

It is a Free Text Field for New Zealand accounts.

Postcode Free text field