Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2021.07.10


Modules sometimes disappearing on the left-hand pane

Background (ENAB-4721)

After a recent update, we received feedback that the module pane on the left-hand side would disappear when users navigated to create documents or work through checklists.



We identified where the error came from and updated the code to show these modules as expected on the left-hand side once more.




Custom fields now can be reported on in Incident, Risk Register and Hazard reports

Background (ENAB-4127)

Our WHS reports Incident report, Hazard report, and Risk Register report allow users to generate a report with all data. However, some clients opt to configure additional fields in their account, these reports were updated to allow for better functionality.



The user can now select the custom fields that they want to show in the report so that only those selected will be added to the report. This will show under the other report filter fields.


Note: The custom fields will show on the right-hand side of the system fields


  • Some routine security enhancements were also released.