Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2021.09.20


Whitelabel Error message on login

Background (ENAB-3656)

There was an intermittent issue that our users were facing when they tried to login, they would receive a whitelabel error page. If they refreshed the page this then they would be logged into their account.



We have now put a fix together which will redirect the user as expected to the login flow to allow them to login to their account as expected.


Award names updated for Add an Award button

Background (ENAB-3669)

It was identified that the old award name was still displaying in the drop down list.



The correct awards can now be selected from and added to your account as expected.


Termination date error message displaying by default on Complete Employee Checklist form 

Background (ENAB-3772)

Within our termination/resignation checklists there is a step to mark the employee as terminated.

This step would by default (1) show a red error message even when the user had not submitted the form, and (2) the termination date would always default to today’s date. 



we have now fixed this webform to no longer display the error message by default as well as now the date field will be blank so that the user can select the correct date.

We also added some logic to check if the user selects Terminated (today and past date) as well as Terminating (today and future date), see image below


  • Some routine CVE security enhancements also included in this release. 


Only most recent document version will show as active

Background (ENAB-4463)

Within our document version history there is the concept of an active document or a superseded document. The active document version status shows for:

  1. the most recent executed version of the document, and,

  2. the most recent unsigned version of the document

Our clients suggested that this was not clear when they were tracking their document version history. We took that feedback onboard and now have updated the document version status logic to only show the most recent document version uploaded as 'Active'.



Records can no longer be merged into themselves

Background (ENAB-4463)

We have a merge function that is used to bring across documents, checklists, training, etc from one record to another.

We found that our users were experiencing an issue where they merge the same record into itself which causes the record to become read-only.


We enhanced the logic for our merge record function that checks if the target record is the same as the source record.

If the record is different as the initial record the user is in, merge allowed

If the record is the same as the initial record the user is in, no merge occurs and an error message prompting the user to merge with a different record appears. See below


  • Some other minor enhancements to our landing pages.