Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2021.12.10


SSO error on first login

Background (ENAB-4894)

After the client had successfully setup their SAML configuration and added the relevant details to their Citation HR Software account settings, the user would receive an error page where it appeared the SSO login URL was duplicated, see image below



The issue was with the way in which our server config was setup for saml logins.

It was adding “https//“ to the login URL rather than just “/app/saml“.

Updating our oauth2.server.saml.endpoint to be /app/saml has resolved the issue.


OPR PDF Report not showing new objectives created at the final stage of the performance review

Background (ENAB-3486)

We received feedback from clients about some new objectives not displaying as expected on the PDF report when entered by the manager/assessor at the final stage of the performance review. 

This meant that if any objectives were added at the final step (that had no rating scale) they did not display on the report, only ones with a rating scale would show on the report. 



Updated the code to identify when a new objective is added with or without a rating scale, e.g. below


  • Some routine CVE security enhancements
  • Improvements to our Micropay sync job to be more robust to accommodate client side shutdowns which disrupted the sync
  • Other maintenance tasks completed this cycle


Enhancement to the Checklist Completed notification email

Background (ENAB-4987)

Due to client feedback we made some slight contextual changes to the Checklist completed emails where now the email will include the original branch that the checklist is completed within AND the branch one up from this. 

e.g. with a structure like Parent Branch / Child branch / Grandchild branch and a checklist completed within "Grandchild Branch" then the notification will show Branch: Child branch / Grandchild branch



Standard importer to import custom fields

Background (ENAB-3717)

This will apply to clients with configured or custom fields. There has been a longstanding request to implement a feature that allows the user the ability to import data into the custom fields created at that account level.



There is a new menu icon under the spreadsheet imports that will allow for the data to be imported to the fields of the account. This means that now clients can actively import and manage these custom fields without manually updating each field as they needed to before.

The other main use case for this is when setting up a new client (typically a larger, enterprise client) who has configured fields, these fields that are located against a record can now be imported to.


This can be found under the Actions > Integrations > import via a spreadsheet section


The next screen the user will see is to select the headers for the import to the account


The amount of columns that display will be driven by the amount of custom fields the account has.



Any field that should not be updated, can be removed from the import spreadsheet, the importer will only try to import to fields that are in the file uploaded to the importer

This spreadsheet can then be uploaded to the same screen to import the data to the custom fields.