Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2022.03.25


Duplication of Approval emails for same level approver when already approved

Background (ENAB-3539)

Some of our clients that have multiple levels of approvals configured in their checklists, advised that multiple emails were received by the same user at the same level of approval. 



We found that there was a discrepancy between the time the approval was approved on the user side and the timestamp that our servers receive. This was based off the users having varied timezones against their user profiles which our DB/server was not expecting.

We have now updated the code that handles the user timezones for these instant approvals as well as the approvals directly from within the Citation HR Software checklists.

Xero - Network /connection issues can cause authentication tokens to be removed from the database

Background (ENAB-5112)

During normal operation of the XERO import/export in OAUTH2 land, if for some reason we are unable to get a new access token using a refresh token then the tokens will get deleted from our DB. We will end up in unrecoverable state requiring us to contact customers for them to reauthorize.

This feature enhancement aims to address this issue by ensuring that our Xero tokens are not deleted from our DB in this use case OR at least keep copies of tokens in the DB so that we can recover.



the stored Xero access token information should no longer be deleted from Citation HR Software database if Xero import/export jobs fails due to a network-connection issue with Xero API.

  • the XERO OAuth2.0 access/refresh tokens are not getting deleted when the Xero API is down

  • Xero-Disconnect UI feature should continue to work for Xero-connected Citation HR Software accounts, who has a valid refresh-token and valid/expired access-token with Citation HR Software database.

  • Xero-Connect UI feature should continue to work for Citation HR Software accounts

  • Enhancements to our database indexing to reduce server load
  • Update to our test environment for Meridian payroll integration testing


Update to competency importer to include "uploaded eSS document type"

Background (ENAB-5080)

This is a continuation on the work we did to add the eSS uploaded document type field (see: Competency Uploaded Document Types), this field is now added to the competency importer spreadsheet.



We updated both the import files and the importer logic itself to contain the following:

  • when uploading a spreadsheet and the document type is blank or incorrect, on the preview page it will display the content of the document but once imported, it will change to default ‘Training Document (TRAIN)’

  • DOC Type abbreviations are accepted e.g. DOC, EC, ESSDOC

  • When uploaded, the document will replace the existing attached document's document type

  • minor QoL enhancements to the API