Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2022.05.20


Users receiving error message when accessing notes for non-current records/checklists

Background (ENAB-5141)

When users were trying to view notes that were left on completed checklists, they were receiving an error message and could not access the note they left.

The workaround was to navigate to the new version of the worker record and look through the notes section to find the note.

This affected:

  • merged records

  • converted records



We updated the code to allow for users to view notes for converted/merged records.


Users with the viewNote permission for the correct recordtype should be able to see the note when clicking on show note.

Comments added to objectives during OPR process were not displaying on OPR report

Background (ENAB-3335)

When an objective is added to a worker’s record and has a due date/completion date that falls within the performance review period, it will appear in the performance review process for that worker.

Users completing the appraisals can then add comments to the objective, however these were not displaying on the OPR report.



As long as the appraisal document has correct merge fields, the performance review will have the comments that are made during the appraisal process.


Country field was displaying Australia only in API regardless of account region

Background (ENAB-5174)

Our API provides users the ability to extract information information that contains the country field value.

This country field value should be displaying Australia or New Zealand, however, there was a bug where Australia would show regardless of the region.



Updated the code to correctly display the country value on the API response


Update to username security

Background (ENAB-3546)

We found a bug where a user tried to login to their account and the user and keeps going through a logout loop after successfully logging in.


Updated the code to ensure that the following occurs in all scenarios:

  • User was able to login successfully and no longer taken to 'You have been logged out' screen

  • Logout also worked as expected

Employee Dashboard now abiding by user permissions and branch access

Background (ENAB-3531)

We have an employee dashboard that displays the user graphs based on various employee related data.

These graphs were not restricting the various graphs data as expected based on the user’s permission and branch access.



User permissions and branch access now apply as expected to the dashboard graphs.

Country field was displaying Australia only in API regardless of account region

Background (ENAB-5174)

Users were receiving an error when trying to initiate or resume an existing Grievance or Complaint Investigation checklist even though they have the correct user access to the checklist



This was resolved by updating some of the system configuration.



Adding Competency UUID to Competency Audit report 

Background (ENAB-5178)

We have a Competency Audit report showing an audit of the competencies assigned to a worker record.



We now have added the competency unique ID to the report so that the report matches what our API exposes.