Using your SEEK integration


The SEEK integration aims to reduce the manual process when wanting to add your SEEK applicants to your account.  

The applicants’ details will be added in your account as a candidate record along with any documents (resumes or coverletters) that were uploaded to support their application. 

The SEEK team have moved over to an ‘event-driven’ import. The ‘event’ in this case is each time an applicant clicks the apply button on the SEEK job ad and submits the application. Once the integration is active for your account, each time a new candidate applies, a new candidate will be created in your account. 

Now when you go into the Employee Management Module and click on the Candidates tab, you will see new records for each of the applications that have automatically imported. 

Within that record, the resume and covering letter appear on the Documents tab. The Notes tab will indicate that this record was imported via Seek for future reference. 

(if you haven’t setup your SEEK integration yet, please follow the steps in this article) 

Functionality Overview 

The core functionality includes: 

Creating candidate records on application with the following personal details 

  • first name 
  • last name 
  • email address (personal)
  • job position



Candidate documents and supporting information 

  • Resume/CV will be added to the candidate  
  • cover letters 
  • additional supporting information 


Choose which branch the applicants should import into 

  • By default, this will import candidates to the parent branch 
  • Can be changed by any user with Account Admin user access as well as SEEKAPIAccess user role 



Notification for each time a candidate applies via SEEK job ad 

  • By default, this will be inactive 
  • You can control the users that should be notified via email whenever there is a new candidate created that applied via the SEEK job ad 
  • If active, an email and a task will send out to all users that have the selected role 


How this works: 

  1. A user with Account Admin permissions and the SEEKAPIAccess user access role, can make this change 
  2. Choose a user access role that you want to receive these email notifications.  
  3. Assign the user access role from #2 to the users that should receive the new candidate task email notifications,  
  4. Each time a candidate applies for a SEEK job ad, this will send out a task email to the users that have this specific user access role blobid2.png

 Manage your unsuccessful candidates in bulk 

A new checklist will be made available to clients who are integrated with SEEK to manage unsuccessful candidates. 


This checklist will be available to send out in bulk using our existing Bulk Launch Checklist feature. It will allow users to do 2 things; 1) send an email to the unsuccessful candidates using a generic template, and, 2) bulk update these unsuccessful candidates to ‘Unsuccessful’ status. 


Email Template example: