Empowering Managers with Citation HR Software

Citation HR Software is a cloud-based software that helps you easily manage your  team. You can access it through any internet-connected device using a web browser. It will save your company (and you) a lot of time, make sure you stay compliant with the many workplace and employment laws and regulations, and will help you to foster a healthy workplace culture and employee experience. In short, HR tasks and managing people will become simpler and easier.

There are two training sessions you can attend to assist you with learning how to use Citation HR Software. You can register or watch the sessions on demand, look at sessions 1 and 4 in this article: Learn how to use Citation HR Software - Setup and training sessions

This article supports all the content included in the training session 'How Citation HR Software empowers managers'. 


Your guide to using Citation HR Software

1. Welcome to Citation HR Software

- Welcome to Citation HR (For Managers)

- What is Citation HR Software?

- Advice Line - How to access

2. Logging into Citation HR Software

To access Citation HR Software, you’ll need to have a valid username and password. Your Citation HR Software administrator will send this information to you.

- Login - Citation HR Software and eSS - How to login and switch between the two portals

3. Navigating around Citation HR Software

- Navigating around Citation HR Software

- Navigating around Employee Self Service (eSS)

4. Managing Employees 

- Employee Record and their virtual HR Folder

 Managers can record notes against employees at any time. Notes usually relate to employee performance, changes to employment status and/or discussions with the employee.

- Notes - How to create a note against a record

 It’s important to ensure that each employee record is maintained with up-to-date HR documentation on their employment history. This will keep the management team appropriately informed on all staff matters when managing employees throughout the employee-lifecycle.

- Employee Documents - Upload Individually

5. Communicate with Employees via email and eSS Messages

You can use Citation HR Software to send emails and eSS messages to your employees. This streamlines your record keeping requirements because a copy of the email is automatically stored against the employee record under the Notes tab.
You can only send an email to an individual employee, but you can send an eSS message in bulk to a group of employees. You can also send an eSS message to an individual employee.

- How to assign a task for action to an individual in eSS

- What to do after a set eSS task has been responded to?

- How to send bulk messages to eSS Users (eg Employee, Candidates, Volunteers)

6. Managing Employees via workflows and checklists

While working through any HR checklist, remember that you can call to seek advice from the Advice Line to assist you in the process. You can record the notes of the call, and the advice you received, in the process of working through the checklist.

- Checklists - How to initiate against an Employee Record

7. Managing Employees with document templates

In the process of generating a document, please remember that you can call to seek advice from the Advice Line who can assist you in understanding the contents of the document.

- Employment Documentation - Overview of the different methods to create documents

- Employee Documentation - How to create via Checklists (best practice)

- Employment Documentation - How to create from the Employee Record

8. Employee Professional Development

Professional objectives and development needs can be identified during a performance review period or at any stage during a worker's employment. Employee objectives can be created and managed by either the employee via eSS, or by the Manager in Citation HR Software. 

- Professional Objectives and Development Needs - How to create and manage


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