Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2022.11.04


Branch access not restricting records created by user

Background (FT-3265)

Any record created by a user was able to be seen by that user regardless of whether they have access to the record within that branch. The common use case is that an administrator helped setup the Citation HR Software account initially, however, now is restricted to only see certain worker records and content.


The user was able to see the list of records in tab, however, the user is blocked from accessing the record details if they click on a record located outside of the branch/es they have access to. They then receive an error message.




We updated the code to now restrict the list of records based on the users' branch access, regardless if that user initially created the record, prior to displaying the list of records.

  • Fix to privileged user session to prevent branch details saving when switching accounts
  • Improvements to self service approval job to be more efficient
  • Incremental security and vulnerability fixes


  • Quality of life improvements to Meridian/Micropay integration tax fields (regarding Medicare claims)