Citation HR Software Tactical Release 2023.02.10


Records vs Competencies Matrix CSV Report treating commas as new columns

Background (FT-2919)

The Records vs Competencies matrix Report has HTML, XLSX and CSV report file type options.

The CSV version treated commas in the competency heading as a new column which resulted in the expiry dates for some competencies showing under the incorrect headings. 

Note: this was only in the CSV version, HTML and XLSX were unaffected by commas


We escaped the commas in the competency title/name so that in CSV version of the report, the commas will not be treated as a new column.


Documents uploaded within a checklist that contained a single quote (') errored

Background (FT-3264)

Within some of our checklists, users can upload a document for a worker record. If that document title contained a single quote ('), it would throw an error and not update the checklist even though the document still uploaded.



We whitelisted this special character, and a few other common ones, to ensure that the checklist step will update as expected with records that have a single quote in their name.

Time zone in password reset email always in AEST/AEDT

Background (FT-3432)

In our password reset emails, the user is provided 24 hours to reset their password. 

The time zone in the email was defaulting to AEDT/AEST (the server default), regardless of which location/region the user’s account is located in.


We updated the password time zone code to do the following checks when applying the time zone.

Logic applies in the following flow:

  • apply time zone to the email from the user, else

  • if user time zone is blank, then apply time zone from account, else

  • if account time zone is blank, then apply time zone from hub.

Positions not copied across when merging records

Background (FT-3390)

In self service, users can keep track of their competencies and make any updates as needed.

We were using something called ‘fuzzy date’ logic previously. This used words like last month, next year, 9 years from now, etc, when describing the expiry or completion dates of certain competencies in eSS. 

At a glance it wasn't easy for the eSS user to see the expiry information 



We made an update to this fuzzy date logic to now show exact dates.

This will show the exact dates for all expiry, completion or updated dates within self service. This ensures that the dates are easier to understand for the eSS user and closely match how it looks in Citation HR Software.


  • Logout performance fix


Xero integration - Handling SMSF accounts gracefully

Background (FT-3300)

In our Xero integration, we had a known limitation where employees that had Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) would not sync as expected.


This fix allows users to continue adding a SMSF via Xero.

When the SMSF data imports to your Citation HR Software account, this field is read-only. Our internal server validations/field validations will not activate for these read-only SMSF fields, which will allow the employee to export as expected.

Example of what this looks like from manager view


and in self service


Known Limitation: Self managed super funds cannot be created, updated or deleted within the Citation HR Software account. Any changes need to come through from Xero itself.

KB article added to each document upload screen

Background (FT-3441)

Whenever users upload a document, they want to ensure that the document type is appropriate for the audience they are intending it for. 

Understanding the document 'Doc Types' in the system is vital for controlling which users can see which documents.


Now, for all document upload fields there will be a link taking the user to this knowledge base article to make sure they select the correct document type for the document/s they are uploading. 



  • Some additional fixes to document template question ordering