How do I provide my workers with access to Self Service for the e-Learning Course?

If you have already launched eSS to your workers, they will already have access to eSS and you can go ahead and launch the Introduction to Appropriate Behaviours checklist, either to an individual worker or in bulk to multiple workers.

If you have not launched eSS to your workers yet, there are two different methods you can use. 

Prior to using one of the methods outlined below, you should communicate with your workers so they know what to expect. You can access an example email here and an example eSS message here. We recommend you set up and create both of these communications, prior to launching eSS to your workers.  

Method 1 - eSS Registration via the Introduction to Appropriate Behaviours Checklist

When you initiate the Introduction to Appropriate Behaviours checklist (either individually or in bulk), the worker/s it is initiated for will receive a system generated email. This email will ask them to register for Self Service, and will also advise they have a task to complete. 

Example system generated email for a worker who has not yet registered for eSS:

Example email for e-Learning Bulk Launch - employee not registered.png


Method 2: eSS Registration via a link

If you want your workers to register for Self Service prior to launching the Introduction to Appropriate Behaviours checklist, you can send them your unique URL registration link. Businesses will often do this as part of their introduction email to their workers, announcing the use of Self Service. 

You can find your link via Account Setting >> Commercial Tab>> Add-ons Tab

For further details on the steps to follow, view How do I set up a new eSS User & activation process


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