What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Ever had one of those mornings where you sit down at your desk, you’re already late for work and have spilled your coffee on your shirt and you’re hurriedly tapping your username and password into the multiple different systems (the computer, the company Slack, your intranet portal, etc…)? You remember you need to pull out a draft policy from HRA Cloud before the weekly HR team meeting in 5 minutes so you quickly pull up the HRA Cloud login screen when … you draw a blank and you can’t remember your password!

We’ve all been there. We know it’s frustrating trying to remember every login page, username, and password. That’s why we’ve developed a feature for HRA Cloud users that will make sure forgetting your HRA Cloud login is a scene of the past!

Simply put, when you configure Single Sign-On (SSO), it means that you only have to log in with one set of centrally managed credentials to access multiple applications.

So, the next time you’re running late and have a million bits of information to pull together before your first meeting, you can simply log in to your business’ central platform and access all the applications you need from the company directory. You’re welcome!