How do I book an Audit for HR and/or WHS with Australian Advisory Team

Congratulations and welcome to Citation HR.   As a new client, we commence your Onboarding with a compliance audit.   Depending upon which subscription you have, will depend upon which pre-audit questionnaire you should complete.

Pre-audit Questionnaires

Combined HR and WHS Subscriptions:

Pre-audit Questionnaire link -

HR Only Subscriptions:

Pre-audit Questionnaire link -

WHS Only Subscriptions or an additional WHS Subscription:

Pre-audit Questionnaire link -


How do I book a session with an Advisory Consultant?

When you complete the questionnaire and submit it to us, you will have access to our booking page, however, if did not book a session, the following are the links to help you book a session

Combined HR and WHS Booking:

HR Subscription only Booking page:

WHS Subscription only booking page: