Training Dashboard


How to access and use the Training Dashboard

The training dashboard is available for users with Training Administration user role.

The user will see the Dashboards option in the menu bar next to Actions.


This user has access to WHS, WHS legacy, Employee management and Training so can see all of these dashboard options

When the user clicks on the Training Dashboard, they will see a view similar to the below - note that the default filter displays the Capability type competency/qualification.


When the Settings option is clicked, this will display the filter settings for the dashboard.


Changing the options on the filter will reload the graph with the relevant selection made by the user.

If there is a long list of competencies, then the user will be able to move between pages as needed and increase the rows per page as needed.


Training Data


Table Column






Has the worker name and is hyperlinked so the user can click on the name to take them to the record for further information

Competency Title

Displays the name of the competency linked to the worker record


Displays the type of training (competency, qualification, skill, etc)

Issuing Authority

If there is a Issuing Authority value, it will show here else will be blank

Completed Date

If there is a completed date provided, it will show here else will be blank

Expiry Date

If there is an expiry date provided, it will show here else will be blank


This shows the training status (In Progress, Completed, Expired, etc)


The branch/site/department the worker record is located within.



  1. The default sorting order of the table is the competency title from A-Z
  2. The employee column will display the word “employee“ regardless of the worker type selected
3. Exporting the data to CSV has not yet been included.   However, users can select all the rows and paste these into an Excel spreadsheet.