eSS Registration - for Workers via Your Unique URL

There are a few different ways that you can set up an eSS User, the way you will need to do it will depend on your particular scenario and where you are on your journey with Citation HR Software. Read eSS - How to setup & register eSS Users for more information on the different options. 


Within your account, there is a unique URL that you can send to your workers to enable them to register for Self Service (eSS).

To locate your unique URL for eSS Registration

1.  Go to 'Settings'.

2.  Select 'Account Settings'.

3.  Go to the 'Commercial' tab.

4.  Under the 'Add-ons' tab, you will find your unique 'URL' for eSS registration.

ess registration link.png


Send your unique URL to your worker/s via email

5. Create an email like the example below to send to your worker/s. You can access templates for your emails in our Launching Citation HR Software section.  


example email for registering for eSS.png

View this article to see the registration process for an eSS User