CitationHR Software Release Notes 2024.05.17


User still receives OPR notification emails after user profile is disabled


The system will send out task emails to users when various actions are performed in the account.

In some occasions system task emails (like OPR emails) will send out to users even when they are inactive (linked record is non-current)


The update will ensure that users will no longer receive any task emails when the user is inactive (red status).

An eSS user with inactive linked record no longer receives self service notifications from the system and they are not allowed to login to the portal.

iPayroll Integration - Reporting Details screen is blank


Some old reports are showing with blank details even though they run to success.

Old reports after 20 items in the list of reports are displaying as blank.


Reports for the successful run are now displaying the details even if there exists any job failures and as well any old reports that can be found through pagination also working fine.

  • Standard security maintenance and fixes


Applicant Portal Settings Now available for Account Admin users


For all our accounts there is a feature called an “Applicant Portal“. This is a webpage wherein applicants can provide their details, upload a resume, and apply for a job. The applicants details are submitted to the client’s account as a candidate record.


Managing and activating this applicant portal is now made available to our Account Administrators. All account admins will now see a new option in the Settings drop down where they can manage the applicant portal for their account.


On this page the user is able to

  • Activate/Deactivate the applicant portal link
  • Select the branch they want the applicant portal to create the submitted applicants by default
  • Manage whether the applicants can choose the branch they are applying for
  • activate whether a task will be created whenever an applicant submits their application and which user role should be notified about this.

Open API - New end point to know logged in user details


A new end point for employees to get their own details including user details.


  • New end point: GET: /accounts/{accountId}/employees/self

    • ESS user with a linked record can access their own details through this end point.

    • The field details are same as retrieve employee/candidate end point.

    • When no employee is linked to the ESS user, they receive an error.

    • When terminated employe is linked to the ESS user, they receive an error message.

API Doc Portal - Changes about end point


API Doc portal changes to include the new API changes.


  • Documentation section for the ‘Retrieve Employee’ and ‘List Employee’ includes the example for ManageID.

  • Development section for ‘Retrieve Employee’ and ‘List Employees’ includes the new field for ManagerID in the schema.

  • New 'Employee Self' end point under the Development section includes the details as well sample code from the schema.

  • API Change log on the doc portal is presented with the text about the API end point changes getting released.

Transfer record note now shows user


We track when a record is moved from branch to branch as a note against the record. This note did not display on the UI who completed the action.


We made an update to the way we track the notes so that now any move in the branch will be captured as a note against the record - whether updated by import or by a user.

The user performing the action will display on the note under the 'User' column

This note will also show on the Note Details CSV report

image-20240501-020119 (1).png

Note: Any previous branch moves prior to 17 May will not be tracked in this update.

NZ Employee Importer


Preview section of the NZ Importer still showing 'State' as a field in place of Town/City.


  • State column in the Import preview page is now updated to have State (AU) or Town/City (NZ) for both AU and NZ Importers.
  • Postal State column in the Import preview page is now updated to have State (AU) or Town/City (NZ) for both AU and NZ Importers.